About Us

antennashop.com.au is one of Australia’s oldest mobile device antenna businesses and is currently a subsidiary of My Tech Helper Pty Ltd ABN: 46 607 914 778 (My Tech Helper Pty Ltd T/As antennashop.com.au)

antennashop.com.au is a dedicated on line shop providing purposeful, functional and aesthetically pleasing wireless broadband antennas specifically for wireless broadband devices.

Our range of wireless broadband antennas are compatible across all networks and manufactures, both past and current models are catered for in a array of formats which include; PCMCIA cards, Express Cards, USB sticks and routers.

The purpose of an additional antenna is to provide an increase in signal performance and stability by improving the antennas position and gain, subsequently providing improved download speed.

There are several wireless broadband antenna styles to choose from, each of these antennas is suitable for a variety of uses and all vary in size, shape, performance and price.

We welcome you to our business and hope you enjoy the experience.