Huawei E220

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This coupler raps itself around the wireless broadband device via the velcro strap and uses a method of inductive coupling ( electromagnetic induction ) This product is a specific product for use with wireless broadband devices that do not have a physica
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Magnetic Base Antenna Indoor or Outdoor Operating Frquency 900 & 2100MHz Height 35cm Gain 5dBi Cable Length 5m Product Tip The base is the size of a coffee cup, strong gain, ideally suited to metal surfaces such as a filing cabinet or metal roof. Can be u
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Laptop Screen Clip Antenna with Coupler Operating Frquency 850, 900, 1800, 1900 & 2100MHz Height 16cm Gain 2dBi Cable Length 50cm Product Tip The coupler provided with this antenna solution raps it's self around your device with the use of a velcro strap
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This antenna is suited for either indoor or outdoor use, it can be set up indoors or permanently installed outdoors, as this type of antenna is high gain and directional, you need to roughly point it towards the nearest tower for the best outcome. We reco
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