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Product Information
4G MIMO Directional High Gain Panel Antenna Kit

Operating Frequency

3G, 4G & 4GX   698-2700MHz

Product Description
This 4G MIMO antenna is suited for either indoor or outdoor use, it can be set up indoors with the use of the supplied desk top stand or permanently installed outdoors on a wall or pole with use of the provided brackets. As this antenna is somewhat directional, best pointed in a particular direction towards the nearest telco tower or major town. It's supplied with 5m of twin cable with corresponding TS5 patch leads.
When outside the 4G network, the antenna will work as normal on the 3G network.

In the Box
Panel Antenna, 5m twin cables, twin TS5 patch leads, wall mount bracket, pole mount bracket and desk top stand all in a neat box.

Product Details

Dia                    W18 x H20 x D9 cm
Gain                  5dBi
Cable Length    5m